​Weekday Masses

Monday: Noon

Tuesday: Noon

Wednesday: 8.30 am

Thursday: Noon

Friday: Noon

Weekend Masses

Saturday: 5.30 pm
Sunday: 9 AM, 11 AM,
​          1 pm (Spanish)
5.30 PM

Recent Homilies

If you want to listen, or  re-listen to the homilies that started off Lent in St. Peter's, look below.  If you want to revisit a previous homily, please visit St. Peter's channel here

St. Peter’s Catholic Church invites all to Christian Discipleship
through worship, formation, and service.

Now at Saint Peter's

First young adults meeting AND "Thirsty for Theology"

Behind the scenes we are working to create a whole new website.  With the design approved, we're moving forward. Behind many of the pages you've come to know, a new shadow page is set up that you can't access yet.  The advantage is that once the new website goes live (not long anymore) all pages will be available at once.  In the mean time, if you want to access something and can't, or if a link is broken, please contact me: eva@visitstpeters.org

Religious Education: You are welcome, and we are here to help you!! 
For any number of reasons your child may not have been in a Religious Education program or Catholic School. Perhaps they are beyond the Grade 2 and have not received Baptism, Eucharist or Reconciliation. 
Call us now, we can help you “catch them up.” Don’t delay any longer…begin now! 
We know through God’s love and mercy we begin each moment anew. Begin anew with your child’s faith formation! 

​Contact Donna Tomasini 779-0036 or donna@visitstpeters.org 

​All are welcome!!

Click below to obtain info on tithing on line

There will be NO weekday mass from Monday September 15th, to Thursday September 18th.  

There will be daily mass on Friday September 19th!