If you would like to call St. Peter's Catholic Church your home parish,
​ please fill out 
this registration form and email it to us
​so we can welcome you!

Married Spouses Ministry: Deacon Michael Younginer
                                          Bonnie Younginer
​                                          Bonnie@cyginteriors.com

Men's Prayer Group:
Rev. Gary Linsky

Music Ministry
Children's & Gallery Choirs:
Andrew Kotylo
Contemporary Ensemble: Matt De Guire

Nursery: Ginny LaCoste

Outreach Ministry: Zenovie Gibson  
​                             zenovie@visitstpeters.org​

Religious Education/ RCIA: Donna Tomasini 

Rosemary MacIntosh

Senior’s Group/Five-0-Plus Club: Beverly Swaim 8373727

St. Peter’s School:  Kathy Preston 252-8285
​                              kpreston@stpeterscatholicschool.org

Stephen's Ministry: Deacon Ron Anderson
​ dcnanderson@visitstpeters.org

Ushers: Cesar El-Khabbaz

​Women’s Group/ Sodality: Sarah Jur 

Youth Ministry: Celia Galens 
                        Jason Galens 

Young Professionals: 
Anna Daggs
                                 Becky Wych
                                 Keith Brinkmann

Contacting the Church:

St. Peter's Catholic Church is located at:
1529 Assembly Street, Columbia SC 29202.
​Mail address: PO Box 1896, Columbia SC 29202
​Phone: 803/779-0036 
FAX: 803/799-2438 
General Email: stpeters@visitstpeters.org 

Altar Servers: Leslie Dunn 939-9458
​                      lesliephil@bellsouth.net

Baptisms: Donna Tomasini
​                Donna@visitstpeters.org

Bible Study: Donna Tomasini

Bereavement Meals: Joanne Metrick

Care Ministry/Parish Nurse: Janice Cullen
​                                            754-9655

Centering Prayer: Greg Carbone & Karen Beidel 

Church Walking Tours: Karen Williams

E-Prayer Request: Amy Ditolla
​                             amypld@aol.com ​

Extra ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: 
 Barbara Remack

Family Fellowship: Jennifer Nottoli-Penso
​                             803-479-3624

Finance Council: Sarah Jur 
​                          sjjur@netscape.com 

Melissa Yezbek

Hispanic Ministry:
Louis Melendez

Knights of Columbus: 
Don Vanborsch 

Lectors: Barbara Remack: 

Maintenance: Parma Menendez & David Scott

​​​Marriage Preparation: Rev. Gary Linsky


St. Peter's Church Staff
(if no email or phonenumber is provided, please call the Parish Office at 803-7790036)

Directory of Ministries 

This directory will give you a shortcut to the person or ministry you want to contact.
If you do not see a telephone number listed, ​
please call the parish office at 779 0036.

​​Contact  us directly through this form!

Father Gary Linsky Pastor:  pastor@visitstpeters.org 

Father Bernard Kyara, A.j. Supply Priest

Deacon Ronald Anderson Parish Administrator: dcnanderson@visitstpeters.org 

Deacon David Thompson Permanent Deacon 

Deacon Michael Younginer: Michael@Younginer.com

Loretta McPherson Secretary:  lorettam@visitstpeters.org 
Louis Melendez, Hispanic Ministry: louis@visitstpeters.org

Andrew Kotylo, Director of Music: music@visitstpeters.org

Matthew Deguire: Director Contemporary Choir/ Coro Hispano

Donna Tomasini Director, Christian Formation donna@visitstpeters.org 

Lesley Stuart Assistant Administrator, CF lesleys@visitstpeters.org 

Eva Bogaerts-Hauk E-Communications:  eva@visitstpeters.org

Celia/Jason Galens Youth Ministers: celia@visitstpeters.org / jason@visitstpeters.org 

​Parma Menendez: Maintenance

Jeanmarie McCaulley Bookkeeper:  jmcaulley@stpeterscatholicschool.org

Kathy Preston Principal, St. Peter’s School: kpreston@stpeterscatholicschool.org

Emily Hero Director, School Development:  ehero@stpeterscatholicschool.org