Our Hispanic Ministry

Since 2001, our parish has been blessed to have a part-time office of Hispanic Ministry that offers numerous services and programs to meet the spiritual needs of our Spanish-speaking brothers and sisters in the Midlands. The Hispanic population in SC has been one of the fastest growing in the country and, because such large numbers of Hispanics are of the Catholic faith, it has been our goal to provide a welcoming environment for these families in our parish.

​After many years of offering a monthly all-Spanish Mass on the first Sunday of the month, St. Peter’s now offers the 1 p.m. Mass in Spanish every Sunday. We have seen the numbers of parishioners grow as more people realize that they can now worship in their own language every Sunday. And many of our English-speaking parishioners find that they really enjoy attending the Spanish Mass with its lively music, and more relaxed atmosphere.

The richness and diversity of the Latin American cultures has truly opened the hearts and minds of many of St. Peter’s long time members to the possibilities of the New Evangelization we are all called to do. And the desire of our Hispanic fellow Catholics to deepen their faith and educate their children in the families’ tradition of Catholicism has made for a wonderful opportunity for growth for ALL parishioners at St. Peter’s.​​

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