Please join us, Deacon Michael and Bonnie Younginer, as part of the Married Spouses Ministry.

Father Linsky asked us to form this ministry for married people, either as a couple or individually, and to provide a facilitated environment that would continue build up and support the important sacrament of holy matrimony within our parish family. We are not marriage experts or counselors. (We’ll leave that to the professionals!) We are though, two married disciples, meaning we have been and still are on a marital journey, and wish to be there in a facilitating manner for you.   

Would you like to know more, please contact Michael or Bonnie Younginer:

Quote from Saint John Paul II
“Christian marriage, like the other sacraments, whose purpose is to sanctify people, to build up the body of Christ, and finally, to give worship to God,” is in itself a liturgical action glorifying God in Jesus Christ and in the Church”.