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The Columbarium at the Basilica of Saint Peter

Single and double niches are available for purchase in the columbarium behind the Basilica of Saint Peter, in our beautiful and historic graveyard. The costs are:

  • Single niche: $1,800

  • Double niche: $3,600


The following are included in the cost of the niches:

  • An urn, which we will provide to the cremation service prior to the inurnment into the columbarium. Should the family desire a different urn, it must be sized appropriately (see below) in order to fit inside the niche. Additional costs associated with a different urn would be borne by the family.

  • The placing of the urn inside the niche (the Rite of Committal, which is part of the Mass of Christian Burial).​

  • The engraving of the outer granite marker, including the deceased's name, date of birth and date of death.

Cremation costs are not included with the purchase of the niche.

Maximum dimensions of urns are:

  • Single niche: 11" x 11" x 4" deep

  • Double niche: 11" x 11" x 11-3/4" deep

The forms required prior to inurnment (available from the funeral home or cremation service):

  • Certificate of cremation

  • DHEC's Burial-Removal-Transit Permit and Death Notification

Please contact Bruce Haas, Director of Operations, with questions or to purchase a niche in our columbarium: or 803-779-0036.

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