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Serving Our Lord at the Altar


​Altar serving is a great way for children, young people and even families to serve God and our parish. It is especially suited to children and young people because it gives them a way to honor our commitment as Christians to serve others. It helps to teach them responsibility and gives them confidence in a job well done.


Altar serving is open to anyone 5th grade and up who has received First Communion. The parish altar servers serve the regular Sunday Masses (or Saturday vigil). Servers also get the opportunity to experience the special moments of the parish in a way they would not otherwise be able to do. 


Our servers serve our Christmas and Easter Triduum Masses, all our evening holy days Masses and special events when the bishop is here. Servers from St. Peter’s School handle most of the funerals of our parish. Any Mass that occurs outside of the school hours is generally handled by the parish servers. Training is conducted by Father Linsky both for the parish and the school.


Students who have been trained to serve for the school can make an easy transition to the parish program.


For more information, please contact Jesse Schopf:

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