Religious Education for Children and Youth

The Christian Formation team believes that assisting you, the primary educator of your children to be one of our most honored privileges. We know that the family is the primary community, the domestic church, where: 

  • faith is shared and nurtured

  • children are first introduced to prayer and faith tradition

  • habits of church attendance are started and will be nurtured

The Church, through formal and systemic catechesis nurtures and incorporates members into the body of Christ. Thus, the bond between home and Church enables, empowers and nurtures families to be living examples of Christ and builds up the Kingdom of God. 

​The goal of religious education is to deepen and nurture the faith of the Body of Christ. The Christian Formation team builds upon the foundation that you have laid; by fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of faith, imparting accurate knowledge of tradition, doctrine and dogma. Please feel free to approach us with any questions, clarification on teachings or to express an idea which could enhance our programs. The Christian Formation team will support you in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of faith, which binds us together in the one Body of Christ. The entire Church community, beginning at the parish level, puts itself at the service of the family to help form young Catholics. 

We are excited about the many opportunities for active learning that translates into active faith. We welcome your interest in our Christian Formation processes and especially hearing from parents regarding their child’s religious education. 

For more information, contact Donna Tomasini or Cecelia Donato. Or call the parish office at 803-779-0036.



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