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Seasoned Seniors Society

The community of the Basilica of Saint Peter offers many ways in which senior men and women of all ages can connect, support each other, volunteer and share. The Seasoned Seniors Society group provides one of those opportunities for older adults of all seasoned ages, who are widowed, divorced, or never married, to come together and develop friendships, enjoy spiritual, cultural, social activities, and have fun!

The Seasoned Seniors Society also means having someone to call to say a prayer with/for you, accompany you to a movie, share a meal, watch/attend a sports activity, attend a musical or ballet performance, go to a concert or tailgate at a horse race.

We are who we are because of all the different experiences we have had over the years, and we have the reservoirs of strength, knowledge, and understanding that can only come with age. Time has sprinkled our lives with many flavors to taste and savor in our “seasoned” years. The later decades of life can be filled with joy, laughter, love, achievement, satisfaction, and even adventure. We are not old, we are seasoned! - Seasoned Times, 2022:, 2021-2022)

Membership Information

There are currently 5 senior members in this group, however, recruitment efforts and activities are ongoing. Members are aged 63-88 (currently 3 females and 2 males). Newcomers of all senior ages are welcomed!  We are friends having lots of fun!

Meeting Day and Time

The group meets the second (2nd) Wednesday of each month for lunch and fellowship. Meetings usually begin at 2:00 pm. Sometimes the meeting may be combined with a social, spiritual or community service activity.

Meeting Location(s)

Meetings are normally held at an agreed-upon restaurant, the Basilica of Saint Peter or the Richland County Public Library (Assembly Street). In cases where there is a member or volunteer host, the meetings are coordinated to accommodate their needs or schedule.


Seasoned Senior Activities

This is a list of proposed Social, Spiritual, and Cultural activities. New thoughts and ideas are invited!

  • Spiritual Experiences: Volunteering experiences during Bible Study, Parish Workshops, Retreats, and other events

  • Cultural Experiences: Columbia Ballet, Columbia Museum of Arts, USC Symphony Concerts, Musicals, SC State Museum, Riverbanks Zoo

  • Different Genres of Music: Blues, Country, Pop, Jazz, Classical Concerts

  • Theatre: Town Theatre, Trustus Theatre, Local Collegiate Theatres

  • Festivals: Creche Festival, Hispanic Festival, Greek Festival, Harambee Festival, and Sweet Potato Festival     


The group strives to have one outing/activity per month. Listed below are activities of the group since November, 2021:   

  • 3 Activity field trips- Creche Festival, Charleston, SC; The Steeplechase Horse Races, Aiken, SC; and the Sweet Potato Festival, Hopkins, SC.

  • 2 Ballets Events: The Nutcracker; The Motown Ballet

  • The Seasoned Seniors Christmas Gathering

  • Activity: Preparation of a meal for the Priest during Advent

  • Religious: Volunteers as greeters during the Retreat at the Basilica of Saint Peter

  • Religious: Volunteers to monitor religious relics for sale during the Retreat

  • Volunteer to assist Saint Vincent De Paul in feeding the homeless at a Christmas event and on Easter Sunday

  • Coordination of a Blood Drive with American Red Cross Blood Drive at the Basilica of Saint Peter


How do I join the group?

Simply provide your name, phone number, and an email address. Email this information to Betty J. Hines, Volunteer Coordinator at There are no membership fees or additional forms to complete at this time.

Welcome Seasoned Seniors!

Remember, we are not old, we are seasoned!

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