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We wish that we did not have to address the following issues…but unfortunately must do so because of past experiences!

Appropriate Dress

Please keep modesty in mind when choosing dresses for the bride and attendants. Strapless or “spaghetti strap” dresses are not suitable for church unless the shoulders are some way covered. Similarly, dress for the rehearsal should be in good taste. Tight shorts are not appropriate.


Appropriate Conduct

We ask that you specifically remind all those in the wedding party to do everything possible to preserve the decorum of your wedding celebration and act in a manner that is respectful while in the church. Groomsmen and bridesmaids should refrain from unnecessary talking or noise in the immediate vicinity of the church. This is especially important in the narthex/entry way of the church, where sound easily carries to all parts of the building.

To maintain an ambiance of quiet prayer and preparation, we ask that ushers seating guests prior to the wedding should refrain from loud conversation with those they may have not seen in awhile. Catching-up is best saved for the reception!

Please remind everyone in the wedding party to do everything possible to preserve the sacred nature of this event.


Food, Tobacco, Alcohol, Cell Phones, etc.

No food or drink is permitted in the church or anywhere on the grounds before, during, or after the wedding and rehearsal.

The use of gum or tobacco products is prohibited on the campus of Saint Peter’s at all times.

The wedding party is expected to refrain from using any alcoholic beverages before the rehearsal and wedding. The Wedding Coordinator has permission to remove anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

All cell phones must be turned off so that they do not disturb the sacred liturgy.



It is absolutely essential that both the rehearsal and the wedding liturgy begin on time. Saturdays are particularly busy at St. Peter’s with sometimes as many as two weddings, baptisms, confessions, and the Vigil Mass. Therefore, we always start the liturgy on time to respect those attending and to prevent others from being inconvenienced. Please help us accomplish this!

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