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1. Signed Agreement & Reservation Fee for St. Peter’s Catholic Church
2. Prenuptial Questionnaires
3. Original Certificates of Baptism (dated within six months of the approved Wedding date)
4. Civil Marriage License (unless this is a convalidation of a previous Civil Union)
5. Decree(s) of Annulment (if applicable)​


All fees must be paid two weeks prior to your wedding date, other than altar server envelopes, which are to be paid at the time of the rehearsal to the wedding coordinator.

Wedding schedule of fees.PNG

Honorarium for Clergy

Priests do not charge for celebrating sacraments. However, it is Catholic custom to provide an honorarium to the priest or deacon who presides at your wedding. When considering the amount, you should factor the amount of time the priest or Deacon has spent working with you during the course of your marriage preparation classes, private meetings, the rehearsal, and the wedding itself. If you need advice on this matter, please don’t hesitate to speak with the Wedding Coordinator.

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