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To preserve the sacred character of the wedding liturgy, the requirements for photography at St. Peter’s may be different from your experience of other weddings. It is essential that the policies given to your photographer by the Wedding Coordinator be followed without exception, and your careful attention to these requirements during your planning session with your photographer may save a great deal of grief on the wedding day. Your photographer must speak with our Wedding Coordinator to review policies prior to the wedding. (An outline of St. Peter’s guidelines for photographers is provided below so you may give it to your photographer and/or videographer ahead of time.)

St. Peter’s reserves the right to exclude from working in the church any photographer who has not abided by these policies in the past.

Absolutely NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY or EXTERNAL LIGHTING is permitted during the wedding liturgy--including the processions in and out—as this detracts from the sacred action.
If a video is to be made, all of the above restrictions also apply. The videographer should consult the Wedding Coordinator prior to setting up cameras.

Please provide the following policies to your wedding photographer and/or videographer prior to the wedding day

1. Flash photography is not permitted during the ceremony. It is allowed during the processional, recessional, and the photo session following the ceremony.

2. Photographers must remain behind the arches during the ceremony and be stationary throughout the event.

3. Photography and videography from the Rear Gallery/Choir Loft may be permitted only after prior consultation with the Wedding Coordinator and Organist.

4. Photography of the groomsmen should be completed 40 minutes prior to the ceremony. Photography of the bride and bridal party should be completed at least 15 minutes prior to the ceremony.

5. Following the ceremony, twenty-five minutes will be allowed for taking pictures at the altar. Should more time be needed, additional pictures may be taken on the church grounds.

6. Please contact the Wedding Coordinator to discuss the appropriate placement of video cameras. Video cameras must be stationary during the ceremony, and no affixed lighting is permitted. NO CAMERAS are permitted in the sanctuary (the area around the altar) at any time.

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