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It is without question an honor to be asked to participate as a bridesmaid or groomsmen in a wedding. At the same time, it is worth considering that the more attendants one has, the less of an honor it tends to be. For purposes of order and logistics in the sacred liturgy at St. Peter’s, we ask that the bride and groom have a maximum of eight attendants each. This includes the bridesmaids and maid of honor, the best man and groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, and all honor attendants. It is certainly preferable to err on the side of a smaller total number in your wedding party!


Flower Girls and Ring Bearer

Any children in the wedding party must be at least five years old. Flower girls may of course carry bouquets, but are asked to not deliberately drop petals on the floor. Ring bearers do not carry the real rings.



The congregation is a witness to your wedding. However, three individuals have a special role in the sacred liturgy for the church. The Celebrant is the Church’s official witness. In addition, the roles usually called the best man and maid or matron of honor fulfill the Church requirement as the two witnesses who can attest the wedding took place. Please note that they do not have to be Catholic or baptized.


Lectors (Readers)

You will need to choose one or two individuals to read the First and Second Readings, as well as the General Intercessions which follow the Rite of Marriage. They should be good public speakers and preferably perform this ministry in their home parishes. Given the acoustical challenges within our Church, we ask that Lectors be at the rehearsal to practice the proclamation in the church. The texts of sacred scriptures must be proclaimed from the Ambo (pulpit).


Gift Bearers (Nuptial Mass only)

Two or three people from the assembly may be invited to bring the gifts of bread, wine, and water for a Nuptial Mass. Please ensure the Celebrant is made aware if you will have a gift procession.

Military Honor Guards

St. Peter’s welcomes men and women in uniform. We only permit weapons that are ceremonial and request they be kept secure at all times.

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