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Family Fellowship

Strengthening Families through Faith and Friendships! What is it? Connecting families with families through friendship, faith and food! In a world where many of us don’t have extended family nearby for support, advice and yes, fun; Family Fellowship helps connect with others. Here is a place to share similar parenting and faith questions and to strengthen your family’s faith. Events are monthly and varied; family fun events such as pool parties, game or movie nights; topical events i.e. Celebrating Advent in the Home; Love Language: How to Communicate with loved ones. There is a faith component to each event; some as simple as sharing meal prayers; others a brief structured presentation. Every event is to support you as a parent and help your faith life so you can pass The Faith to your children. Who attends Family Fellowship? YOUR FAMILY. Questions? Contact Jen Penso at or Donna Tomasini 779-0036 or

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