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Organ enhancements are complete!

This week, our friends from Peragallo Pipe Organ Company completed the enhancements to our pipe organ. Here is a description of the work being done by Peragallo and our partners at Lincoln Pipe Organs:

  • The body of the console has been completely refurbished, with 28 new stops added, bringing us to a total of 70 stops. Essentially, this increases the number and diversity of sounds available in our organ.

  • Also added to the console is a new operating system, including a piston sequencer and a playback feature that can be operated remotely.

  • We've added several ranks of pipes to the organ and several existing ranks were removed and rebuilt so they sound sturdier, bolder, and more symphonic.

  • The digital components of our organ are all being replaced with state-of-the-art organ pipe sampling technology that adjusts for environmental factors like temperature.

Thank you to our generous parishioners for supporting this investment in sacred music at Saint Peter’s!

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