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Job Opening at Saint Peter's: Communications Coordinator/ Parish Receptionist

Communications Coordinator/Parish Receptionist Position Available at Saint Peter’s Saint Peter’s seeks a self-motivated, tech-savvy, Spanish/English speaking/writing, individual to serve as the Parish Communications Coordinator and Office Receptionist. Primary duties include maintaining and monitoring all parish communications platforms to include Facebook, Instagram, the Parish Webpage and weekly bulletin, answering phone calls, connecting inquirers to appropriate staff personnel or helping external agencies and monitoring building access during normal parish working hours. The Communications Coordinator/Office Receptionist will also maintain the Parish Sacramental Records and assist individuals requesting copies of the same. Clearly, excellent written and oral communications are fundamental, but also someone who is welcoming, respectful and patient with those seeking assistance of the Church. The ability to work collaboratively is also of key importance. If you are interested in this position, please email and include your resume and /or educational and past work experience.

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