Scammers impersonate Clergy

We want to remind everyone that there are spammers who try and impersonate clergy. They use different email addresses to impersonate pastors or other members of the clergy and ask you to contact them, click on a link or 'do them a favor'.

Please do not do any of the above! Instead, report the email as spam. Examples of email addresses used (but not exclusively) are: "" "" and others.

As you know, any “official” email coming from Father Linsky or anyone at St. Peter’s would show an electronic address ending in “”.

Please mark the emails as phishing or report them at Saint Peter's is, unfortunately, not the only church targeted.

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The Basilica of Saint Peter depends on the generosity of parishioners to continue its mission in the Midlands: to be a conduit of grace and place of welcome to a diverse, multi-cultural and multi-ethnic community through uplifting liturgies, music, education. Read more here.

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